Learn the Lingo

Learning the lingo/jargon for the multicultural/multilingual classroom is vital to the success of every teacher.  The following is a list of terms and definitions that will help teachers to feel educated on this important topic.

  • ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • ELL – English Language Learner
  • LES/NES – Limited/Non-English Speaking (Cary, 2007)
  • LEP/NEP – Limited/Non-English Proficiency (Cary, 2007)
  • LCD – Linguistically and Culturally Diverse (Cary, 2007)
  • ELD – English Language Development (Cary, 2007)
  • SLL – Second Language Learner (Cary, 2007)
  • CUP – Common Underlying Proficiency…this assumes that the knowledge and literacy skills learned in the native language will transfer to the target language. (Ariza, 2006)
  • Culture Shock – this might occurs when an individual moves from one culture to another. (Ariza, 2006)
  • Field-independent learners – individuals that tend to be motivated by impersonal, analytical activities that do not necessitate a group-type of approach. (Ariza, 2006)
  • Field-dependent learners – individuals that usually hail from non-mainstream cultures and like to work with others to achieve a common goal, while very often interacting with the teacher. (Ariza, 2006)
  • Field-independent teacher – may focus more on the subject, use a negative evaluation approach, prefer inquiry or problem-solving methods of instruction, and the teaching situation may be more impersonal. (Ariza, 2006)
  • Field-dependent teacher – usually student-centered and tries to use positive reinforcement as opposed to negative feedback. (Ariza, 2006)

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